About Us

Parr & Co. was founded in Miami, FL, one of the leading cultural fashion hubs in North America. Our watches are timeless, classic, and minimalist trends of fashion-wear incorporated with versatility and affordability. 

We took inspiration from traditional French and Swiss designs integrated with a minimalistic Bauhaus style, to create a watch that is both subtle and sophisticated. We design these watches integrating classic fashion with innovation, source the best materials, and ensure flawless make and build to promise quality yet keep our prices affordable.

All orders are shipped from our corporate office in Coral Gables, FL. We pride ourselves on our quick order fulfillment and customer service. Orders placed before 3pm ET will ship the same business day through USPS Priority Mail. USA orders should arrive in 2 business days while international orders take between 6-10 business days to be delivered.

Curt Chavoustie
Co-founder, Creative Director and CEO 

Brandon Parr
Co-founder, President and CFO 

Michael Lamas
Vice President and Directing Partner