How falling off a bike led us to start a watch company

January 16, 2017


Our Story

We were in our early twenties, had no money and were studying organic chemistry with plans to apply to medical school after graduation - both of us unhappy with the route we were on but feeling as if we had no other options.
Fall semester of senior year I hit a pothole on the way to class and fell off my bike, smashing the glass on my watch and badly bruising both of my ribs.


    Over the course of the next month I search the internet trying to find a replacement, reluctant to purchase another watch built to inevitably break.

    I came to realize that finding what I was looking for was a tougher challenge than I'd imagined. For starters I wanted a watch with a great design - something classic that could be worn with any outfit. Secondly, I wanted a watch that wouldn’t break if I fell off my bike and lastly, I wanted to spend no more than $200 on said product.


      So What Really Makes a Good Watch?

      I came to realize there were three commonalities in all luxury watches over $1000.

      • Sapphire Crystal, a material nearly twice as hard as mineral glass and almost impossible to scratch or shatter.
      • A Swiss Made Movement, regarded as the gold standard in regards to precision and accuracy.
      • A great and timeless design that can be worn in almost any occasion. 



      Brandon had some experience with photoshop so him and I spent the next week sneaking into the Architecture Labs at the University of Florida and making renders until we actually got pretty good at it. 



      The Original Render 



      After finalizing our design and deciding on the specifications we were ready to build samples - all we needed was the right partner. We spent the next month reaching out to manufacturers all over the world before narrowing our list down to one state of the art factory in Hong Kong.


      We had now designed our first watch, developed a strong relationship with our manufacturing partner and were ready to build the prototypes. The only problem was that we had no money to actually buy them.

      Brandon was able scavenge some money from his student loans and I sold a Tag Heuer which I had spent the whole summer working to buy. After much consideration we wired all our money to a bank in Hong Kong and crossed our fingers. In July of 2015 we received our prototypes.

        The Launch

        In September 2015 Parr & Co. launches on Kickstarter with an initial funding goal of $20,000. It reaches that in two days. and within one month the campaign tops at $38,000.

        In 2016 we graduate from college, move to Miami and invest all our time into Parr & Co. Things start moving fast and before we know it our watches are being featured on blogs, Instagram pages and youtube videos resulting in hundreds of sales all over the world.



        This year Parr & Co. will be releasing it's first major collection consisting of three new models. We will be launching our second Kickstarter campaign in May and we plan to open our first brick and mortar store in 2018.



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